Fairs & Shows:

We travel around in the summer months chainsaw carving at County Fairs. They book us as "Entertainment" for their Shows.

The Fair will pay us a certain amount each day and at the end of the term, they have an Auction. The proceeds cover our wages and also make the Fair a profit.

We put on three-four chainsaw carving shows/demonstrations a day. That way, everyone has a chance to catch one or all of our shows. The uniqueness of having Rick & Judy Pratt at your Fair is that there are two chainsaws running at the same time and there is more fun to watch. People like to try and "guess" what is being made right before their eyes, and with two carvers we seem to draw a bigger crowd.

A lot of women enjoy seeing Judy carve. We get a lot of people coming up to us and say they can't believe what we can do. It's an awesome sight if you've never experienced chainsaw carving before.

We also have to train for speed competitions. Sometimes we have to complete a piece in as little as 45 minutes. Also the more shows you do, the more practice you get, and with that comes speed and knowledge of your subject.

Here are a few photos from the Fairs & Shows we "worked"

Fair in New York


Fair in Michigan


Fair in Ohio


Fair in Pennsylvania


Fair in Maryland